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About Housing Compliance Services

Housing Compliance Services (HCS) provides tools to assist Public Agencies in monitoring their affordable housing portfolio, including the California Public Finance Authority (CalPFA) and Public Finance Authority (PFA).

Housing Compliance Services Software

Compliance Mandates
The HCS compliance monitoring and reporting system enables developers and public agencies to manage affordable housing records easily and efficiently. Real-time calculations and reports ensure compliance with federal, state and local income and rent restrictions. The software currently monitors over 600 affordable housing properties, representing more than 65,000 units.

Go Green Efficiently!
The HCS software online reporting system helps meet green mandates by significantly reducing the use of paper, the production of which is both resource-intensive and a major source of pollution, as well as by eliminating the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) output associated with transportation/shipping. Important documents and reports are stored in a single portal for quick and easy staff access.

Reduce Costs
Outsourcing your computer services reduces power and space needs for computer servers. Additionally, using a web-based system means reports and analysis data are available 24/7 from any computer with Internet access. Staff production is increased with less time being spent on compliance monitoring.

Consulting Services

With expertise in lease-up and ongoing compliance management, our consulting team helps develop policies and procedures to ensure an organized, systematic approach to managing affordable housing properties and maintaining compliance. In addition, we offer training classes for basic and advance affordable housing compliance.


To learn more about our products and services, please contact us. You may also read the FAQs and watch the software video for more information.



2016 HUD and "HERA Special" Income and Rent Limits – Released March 28, 2016

Please login to download the 2016 HUD Income and Rent limits and "HERA Special" Income and Rent Limits.

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